Personal and National ethics

As I was politely anathemizing a fellow motorist for his poor driving habits I started thinking about the current political atmosphere: cloudy with a chance of raining cats and dogshit. Could all of our problems and debates with regard to political priority be traced back to a misunderstanding of the difference between personal and national ethics?

When thinking politics before the coffee kicks in, I tend to be a little bit of a fascist. After the coffee kicks in, I swing hard left because I love everybody and want Uncle Sam to legislate that love. What if my own desires and opinions on how I should act and be treated are applied differently on a personal scale than they ought to be on a national scale?

I sure can’t kill people that break the law, because murder is wrong for an individual to carry out. But if someone doesn’t bear the sword for me, I’ll be obliged to use it myself or take one to the gut whenever chance so strikes. On the other hand, the only time I want to find myself behind another man is: fully clothed and possibly in line for a movie starring Bruce Willis. Still, my personal ethical standard must be altered in some way in order to become a national ethical standard. Not because I’m wrong as an individual but because ethics must be translated from the individual to the national level.

For now folks, be safe, and learn to drive.

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